Place of Event:

Concert Hall of the RHWK (Russian House of Science and Culture)
Friedrichstraße 176-179
D - 10117 Berlin

1st Day: performer’s choice (own song, a song, which is written for the  participant or a national hit)

2nd Day: The compulsory performance (a world hit)

3rd Day: Gala-Concert and the awards ceremony

All the participants will sing live.


The judges can be highly qualified specialists in the field of popular music and show business, musical performers, choreographers, European pop stars and mass media professionals. The score for each performance is conducted on a 11-point-scale. The final score is the sum of the scores for each performance.


The highest award of the Euro Pop Competition “Berliner Perle” is called the “Grand Prix” and is awarded to the absolute winner of the “The Best Pop Artist” award regardless of the age group.

The rest of the awards are as follows per each age group:

  • Winner of the 1st place + certificate
  • Winner of the 2nd place + certificate
  • Winner of the 3d place + certificate
  • Winner of the 4th place + certificate
  • Winner of the 5th place + certificate
  • Participants

Monetary awards: 2.300,- Euro

Grand Prix winner 500,- € Winners of the 1st place 250,- € Winners of the 2nd place 200,- € Winners of the 3rd place 150,- €

Every participant will get a certificate and a souvenir.




Das große internationale Finale

Fr. 23.11. und Sa. 24.11.2018
Einlass: 15:00 Uhr

So.: 25.11.2018
Galakonzert und Siegerehrung
Einlass: 15:00 Uhr

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